The Ultimate Trip (#Day 5) – Kigali – Lake Bunyonyi

The Ultimate Trip (#Day 5) – Kigali – Lake Bunyonyi

  • bunduz
  • July 05, 2016

Eventually we had to leave the beautiful land of Rwanda. It was evident that most of us wished our stay here would have been longer. Kigali had certainly treated us well and I personally loved it! With all the Kigali city exploration and the good old partying, we were quite spent on this day of departure.


Hotel Bausejour. Kigali, Rwanda.


Adventurers take a nap on our way to Lake Bunyonyi from Kigali

The trip back seemed way longer than it was when we were heading to Kigali. We eventually got to the Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort in the late afternoon. I was glad to see her beauty and splendour still intact.


Lake Bunyonyi

We had a lot of time to relax here after having a sumptuous lunch prepared by the ever ready chef. Some of the adventurers opted to spend the afternoon in their rooms, probably sleeping to recover from the party hangovers of Kigali, while others decided to indulge in a game of poker and enjoy a drink or two. I was definitely with the latter group of adventurers and sure had some fun!


Let’s play some poker!


Taking in the beauty of Lake Bunyonyi


The locals enjoy time at the Lake Bunyonyi Resort with their families

Time seemed to fly and before long it was time for dinner. The chef had promised to give us a grand barbeque and he certainly did not disappoint!



Mukhtar the Trip Captain helps put together the barbeque


Dinner is served!



One Mr.Mbugua couldn’t resist posing with the ladies!:-)

On this night we retired a little early as we had a long way down to Kampala the next day.




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