• A snap shot of field school students enjoying the african sun whilst out on an academic trip, fun and educational at the same time!

  • Hitting the books whilst enjoying the natural surroundings of Africa, the perfect study routine! Not to mention fun routine.

  • The field school student life! all the fun and study would amount to a comfortable nap in the comfort of the truck, what an experience!

  • Learning in a new and definitely improved environment, the ultimate experience for the students and teachers who would be part of this great endeavour

  • Every experience for a field school student prepares them for their academic trip, this wonderful experience shows them the customs of african sailors! What an experience!

  • Students studying in the vast comfort of the african bush, such a magnificent experience, gaining education whilst also enjoying the outdoors, great fun!

Field Schools

Our good knowledge of Africa with regard to adventure and nature comes in handy while playing host to student delegations from prestigious universities who choose Africa for field studies. Our crew and facilities are carefully chosen to provide comfort for the field study delegations over the entire period of their stay in Africa. We prepare and manage a well calculated itinerary to suit each delegation’s study requirements, whilst still ensuring they have fun along way. We make studying in Africa both memorable and enjoyable for each group!

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