Field School in Africa: An Introduction & 6 Key Benefits

Field School in Africa: An Introduction & 6 Key Benefits

  • Saddam Suleiman
  • October 22, 2018

Everyone agrees that studying can be a little tedious at times. Doing the same thing all day everyday can make even the most studious get bored. It is worthwhile to frequently be in nature, breathe in the fresh air, experience the sun on your face and see the wildlife in Africa.

Imagine learning in this environment instead of being stuck in class day in day out. At Bunduz, we believe learning can be both fun and engaging.

It’s why we pioneered the idea of learning while experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature. Thus the creation of our Field School in Africa expedition. So, what exactly is field school?

Field School: A definition

Field school is simply an outdoor learning experience.

It’s a training that involves taking students from the cold theoretical learning of classrooms, to the rich practical & engaging outdoor environment. Field school offers students an unprecedented opportunity to work directly with study subjects in their natural habitat.

Instead of examining a picture of an indigenous tree, you get to interact with this rare specimen in real life.

Field schools are becoming increasingly popular as a study technique. This is because they offer the following key advantages:

1. Better understanding

Simply being outdoors has numerous benefits to cognitive development. Children that learn from outside are more reflective and inquisitive. These are essential qualities needed for problem solving in real life situations.

During a field school trip in Africa, you can hold a class in a conducive environment which promotes better understanding.

2. Enhance self-reliance

Imagine going for a hike for just a week. Sleeping in tents and having only your team and guide by your side. By the end of the week you will be far more confident in your own capabilities, don’t you think so?

By being part of our field school, you will not only learn from books, but from nature itself. Depending on oneself is a core ability you’ll learn during your safari.

3. Enhanced communication skills

From personal experience, it’s safe to say that outdoor classroom activities provide an avenue for self- expression. By working as teams to solve problems on expeditions, you become a better communicator and team player.

4. Better overall behavior


field school in africa, bunduz

In contrast to a regular classroom, where the stifling heat and cramped seating can lead to restlessness, the outdoors encourages better behavior in individuals.

Nature helps improve social adjustment, group cohesion, confidence and self-awareness.

6. Increased motivation

Learning from a different location is non-conventional. This increases motivation especially for young curious minds.

They are always willing to learn but only if it is made both fun & engaging for them. This is the case created by field school since it has a relaxed vibe where you can get your hands dirty.

7. Change of attitude about the environment

It is sad how the human race has neglected Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, this negative behavior is being passed down to our younger generations who prefer to surf the internet while watching endless hours of entertainment.

Outdoor education influences how they view the environment making them develop a meaningful love for the outdoors. This creates a more responsible and environmentally conservative individual.

8. Reduced stress levels

Have you ever been outside, saw the sunset or heard birds chirping and suddenly felt better?

Hearing sounds of nature releases dopamine “the happy hormone”. Field school provides serene environments with exquisite views for you to conduct classes.

It is certainly liberating to be both happy and learning.


All these points vividly illustrate and prove the usefulness of incorporating field school as part of your curriculum.

Field school in Africa gives students an education, entertainment and life skills all in one bundle. Moreover, it is equally as useful for work colleagues in team building and teaching them new things about their job.

At Bunduz, we believe in shaping the young to not only be theoretical adults, but also leaders capable of out of the box solution thinking. We provide an immersive yet safe field school experience in Africa that will have a permanent impact on each and every individual.

To find out more about our next scheduled field trip or to organize a custom trip, contact us today.




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