The truck that opened our adventure avenues into rwanda. This burly beast of a machine is a 28 seater, that includes a world class sound system, air tight compartments that are ideal for storing food stuffs and window panes that allow maximum viewing pleasure. It has a formidable frame that toughs out weather conditions and tackles different types of roads. This compelling truck is names after a rwanda gorilla, ruhengeri!


Take the adventure by the reins as you immerse yourself in the beauty of this lavish truck. Powerfully built from wheels up, it has a purposeful storing area with air tight compartments complete with a locker room for personal belongings, the seating is more than exquisite as it comes with tables for you to carry out your activities in peace.The truck has a sturdy and thick as nails frame, therefore allowing it to have slide windows that would would make viewing a much better experience. The name chimpembere which directly translates to white rhino in afrikaans.


Travel in our sturdy, purpose built trucks; exceptionally crafted to let you soak in the adventure wholly! The large window views bring the wild scenery right up to you as you enjoy the comfort of the truck. Spacious comfortable seating and enough storage space for luggage, essentials and gear
Custom made to handle and deal with any terrain and climates we encounter along the way on our excursions.

It is a 16 seater all terrain off-road expert, fondly named for its fatish and curvy look.