CEO’s message

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”

To start off, getting people together and travelling to several destinations whenever I had the chance, whilst being a young dreamer in United States International University, is how this gem of an aspiration was born, and bunduz was the name!

Bunduz is quite distinctive in nature, I say this because we have proven ourselves time and time again, that we are your go-to experts for your travel and adventure needs, this has been easily established through the fact that we have carried out more than several awe-inspiring tours spanning over a decade, we have created valuable and timeless memories through our feel-good services, including our beloved trucks and land cruisers and not to forget our beloved staff members who many of our returning clients always remember, amongst loads of other things.

Providing the Ultimate experience is and always will be in our blood! As you have already noticed we are the absolute specialists in outdoor life, therefore we have a vehement love for our travel expeditions and tour plots meaning that it is near impossible for us to let you down. I know the questions on all your minds is, why travel with bunduz? Well, here’s the answer, it is our primary aim to make our travel expeditions affordable and memorable for you, and the satisfaction we get from happy clients is what makes us do what we do! Therefore, travelling with bunduz would be the perfect idea because it would entail affordability, adventure and the creation of memories that would stay with you forever!

So, come aboard and experience life on the wild side!